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Our name is rooted in the rich history of Medford. In 1800, a merchant named Mark Reeve arrived in Upper Evesham (Medford). He built the first horse powered machine in the country to manufacture cut nails. He opened his store specializing in tobaccotwists and making cut nails on the corner of Friends Avenue and South Main Street. That building, named "The Nail House" was later moved and today sits on the Jennings Farm. Legend has it that Reeve, after a visit to Medford, Massachusetts, called a town meeting to propose the area change its name to Medford. The word "Nale" is an obsolete Middle English term that translates to "ale house". The term was used in Chaucer's Canterbury Tale, Friars Tale, to refer to an ale house."And make hym grete feestes atte nale"

Nale House operates with a small batch artisan concept. They utilize a 2.5 barrel brew house and have 15 barrels of fermenting capacity. The Head Brewer, Eric Leiner, prides himself in never leaving a fermenter empty. Once a beer is transferred for carbonation and kegging, another beer is brewed and placed in that fermenter. That being said, Eric will never rush a beer out of a fermenter to meet a perceived demand. Quality over quantity is part of their mission statement. As he often says "the beer will tell me when it is ready". That attention to detail is pervasive at Nale House. The selection of their name, the design of the tasting room, the welcoming atmosphere that has been created, and most importantly the beer, all contribute to making Nale House Brewing Co. unique and special.