What's On Tap

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Small Batch Artisan Concept

Nale House operates with a small batch artisan concept. They utilize a 2.5 barrel brew house and have 15 barrels of fermenting capacity. The Head Brewer, Eric Leiner, prides himself in never leaving a fermenter empty. Once a beer is transferred for carbonation and kegging, another beer is brewed and placed in that fermenter. That being said, Eric will never rush a beer out of a fermenter to meet a perceived demand.

Quality over quantity is part of their mission statement. As he often says “the beer will tell me when it is ready”. That attention to detail is pervasive at Nale House. The selection of their name, the design of the tasting room, the welcoming atmosphere that has been created, and most importantly the beer, all contribute to making Nale House Brewing Co. unique and special.

Current Tap List

Belgian Farmhouse Saison — Traditional Farm House Ale properly aged at room temperature the way a Farmhouse Ale should be.  Served two ways- First batch will be served traditionally, the second brew has been aged in Hungarian Oak barrels that have previously housed a Chardonnay. This is Nale House’s special  one year anniversary release. ABV 8.0%

Teabag Bourbon Oaked Porter — Our number one seller, and only served on Nitro. Eric’s secret process carefully infuses this beer to perfection. ABV 7.4%

Tasty Waves & Cool Buzz IPA— This summertime IPA has citrus in the front, citrus in the middle, and citrus in the end.  If you are looking for that summertime refreshing IPA, it’s here!  ABV 6.7%

Black IPA — Slight roast and coconut are present in this beer. This beer was fermented alone until almost ready for kegs. Just prior to kegging, this beer was aged on 35 pounds of roasted coconut flakes. Notes of a famous candy bar. ABV 7.0%

Cost of Corruption — Dry hopped with Motueka, Amarillo and Centennial hops, this beer delivers more of a pine nose. Brewed with a touch of oats, very crushable. ABV 6.2%

Hammer and Nale IPA — Slightly bitter but smooth on the finish.  Finished on the dry hop with Cascade.  ABV 6.5%

Flights are available, 32, 64oz and 750ml growlers are available for fills. Please call for current availability.

Brews Waiting To Meet You

Crushable Pale — A super easy to drink Pale Ale for the warm months coming up. We have seen Eric eating different fruits while brewing lately, maybe he’s going to age this one on some fruit?

Cow Tippin’ — A chocolate coffee milk stout. Eric has formed a relationship with the local coffee roaster in town, Harvest Coffee Roastery. They worked together and decided that the Java bean would be perfect for this beer. Dark, smooth, and no slight on the coffee flavor.

Session IPA

Old Dark Cascadian Ale — Aged on vanilla and chocolate

“Rotating IPA’s” — Eric really loves brewing his IPAs. He is always experimenting with new techniques and ingredients. Be on the lookout for new IPA’s always hitting the taps.

Past Brews

Hops in a Bucket — A Double IPA. Leans more towards a “West Coast Style” DIPA. Caramel in color, and a touch of sweetness helps balance this hoppy beer. Dry hopped with Amarillo, Simcoe, and Cascade Hops. A crowd favorite. ABV 8.1

Some IPA — Dry hopped with Cascade and Centennial hops, this beer is citrus forward. Sticky mouth feel and crushable. ABV 6.4%

Junkin’ on Route 9 — Brewed with Egyptian coriander, this beer screams summer. With notes of lemon and spice, bring on the warm lake and beach days. ABV 5.9%