Private Events

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Host a Private Event at the Brewery

The Nale House is available for your private events and parties. We do not charge a room rental, but we do have a minimum beer charge based on the time and day of the event. The beer minimum is only for beer consumed in the brewery during your event. Any growlers, clothing, glassware, or other articles for sale are not eligible to go towards the minimum beer tab but are always available for sale.

We will run one tab for your event and if there is a shortage, you will just have to pay the difference.

You are welcome to bring in food and non-alcoholic beverages for your event. Under no circumstances is any outside alcohol in any manner allowed in the brewery at any time.

If your event is on a Monday through Thursday or a Saturday Day, we will allow 1 hour prior to your event for set-up and 30 minutes after your event for clean up. We will open to the public 30 minutes after the end of your event.

If you would like we will be happy to recommend any caterers others have used in the past and any entertainment such as bands and DJ’s for your event. We will be happy to provide any genre of music you desire from our Sirius XM player.

All minimums include tax, but does not include a 20% gratuity charge based on the total bill for your event. That will be added at the end of the event.


The following is our schedule of minimum beer tabs based on the time and date:

Monday – Thursday: 3 Hours = $300
Friday Night: 4 Hours = $1500
Saturday: 3 Hours (12-3 pm) = $400
Saturday: 3 Hours (1-4 pm) = $500
Saturday: 4 hours (7-10 pm) = $2000
Sunday: 3 Hours = $400

If you have any questions or would like to book please email or call us 609-760-7246 or fill out our contact form.